Sunday, February 2, 2014

every day

Lately it feels like every single day I am reminded about how things are so much harder for our little ASD angel than for other kids.  When he was a baby we had no idea anything was different.  Then for a couple of years we knew and sometimes things were really tough, but sometimes things were almost normal and we didn't even really think about ASD for a while.  But it has been while now that it is almost every day we are reminded that things aren't the same for him as most other kids his age.  I wonder if this is just the way it is going to be as he gets older.  Are the differences going to become more and more noticeable as he gets older?  I keep hoping he will learn and catch up and things will be less noticeable, but am I just in denial?  Will we be able to forget that he is different? Should we even try?  Or should we embrace and accept it?

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